Feedback Know How Toolkit: Student Resources

Video-based learning resources

Here you will find two examples of the sorts of resources which were created in partnership with students as part of this project.

One is a generic example; the other is a discipline specific example.

Generic example

Discipline specific example

It’s probably best to watch both videos to form a sense of how they work and the stories our students decided to tell. They are very short: each one will only take about three minutes to watch. You will notice that the second one, which focuses on a disciplinary setting (Law), conveys a strong sense of these students’ relevant disciplinary and professional identities, the signature pedagogies of legal education, and the learning spaces of the particular context in which they were situated. As such, it offers a model for customising your own video, which might help to enhance your ‘new’ students’ sense of joining and belonging to a particular academic network where their ‘feel’ for appropriate standards and expectations is gradually developed and slowly learned, but aided by immersion in and engagement with a constant flow of feedback as dialogue.