Feedback Know How Toolkit: Staff Workshop

Here you can download a staff guide to using the Student Toolkit resources in your own teaching or induction process. The guide was developed collaboratively by Adam Jackson, Linda Graham and Kay Sambell.

The guide consists of a Word document which you could download and print off. This outlines some suggestions for using the student videos in an interactive session, based on the ways in which members of our staff team used the resources in workshop activities with their own first year students. It includes some guiding questions you could use if you pause to facilitate discussion at key points as you play the video.

If you like, and as long as this is agreed with all concerned in advance and appropriate ground rules are negotiated, you might also use the workshop to generate your own ‘customised’ version of the video, by using it with more experienced learners in your own subject area. You could then make it specific to your own disciplinary and professional identities, your own learning spaces and your own learning and teaching practices and so on.

Workshop guidelines (separate downloadable)

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